Alpha 1 Twin Turbo 5.0 Hits the Dyno!

The Twin Turbo 5.0 Alpha 1 test car has been completed and has hit the dyno. This is a stock Coyote 5.0 with billet oil pump gears. The Turbo system is our base system with an upgraded intercooler tank and injectors. We are really excited to have 2 of these cars built already. Sean’s car has come out just as perfectly as the first one as you can see from the picture.

We first tuned the car on 6 psi and 8psi with pump gas. This will be the standard configuration for most people running the system as a daily driver and the numbers that are most important to us.  The numbers we laid down were exactly what we were expecting based on the prototype car. It laid down an impressive 579 at the rear wheels on only 6 psi through the full exhaust and 649 at the wheels on 8 psi.

We then put in some VP MS109 Unleaded Race Fuel and turned the boost up to psi. The car laid down an impressive 719 at the rear wheels. This is the most we really feel comfortable putting through a stock 5.0 engine, so we stopped there. Check back soon for updates from the track. Dyno numbers are great but we build fast cars so we can go fast!

Here is a video of it on the dyno