Phase II – Built Engine and More

We have begun on the next phase of the project which includes many upgrades. The biggest one being a complete longblock with custom camshafts retaining full VCT adjustments courtesy of L&M Engines featuring Boss 302 CNC heads and billet rods. This incredible engine should really allow us to show the capabilities of this turbo system. It already shines on a completely stock car, but with the stronger parts and the custom cams combined with the Boss intake, phase II should take this system to supercar territory and beyond.

Also being done at the same time will be a Circle D Torque Converter , full fuel system capable of running E85 and a few suspension upgrades. The goal for the car continues to be the ultimate street car/ Mustang Supercar. So no drag specific parts will be used.  The car will debut at the NMRA Bradenton race on March 1-4th 2012.  Then it will be on to Texas for the Texas Mile to try and be the first 2011+ 5.0 Mustang over 200 MPH in the standing mile.

Stay tuned to for frequent updates on the project. In approximate 3 months we will begin work on our next development car. It will most likely be a Boss 302  which will allow testing on a manual car and also on the road course. Once that testing is done, we will start our beta program where we will do another 4-6 cars for final testing and installation testing. The goal is for this system to be available in good quantities by the end of 2012.


  1. Damon wrote:

    Hey if ya’ll need another car for beta program, I have one not being used really. I work out of town so I would like to work with ya’ll on this project. If your interested please feel free to contact me on here or my phone number is 281-608-3205. Either way I plan on waiting til ya’ll release this kit. Nothing else really interest me.

    Thanks Damon

  2. kenbjonnes wrote:

    Damon, and thanks for the offer and we will keep you in mind. Beta cars should start being built sometime in April