Air to Water Intercooler and Cold Side Finalized

Today the intercooler was finalized. We decided to move the mass air meter down to the outlet of the intercooler in a 3.5″ pipe. This will allow the stock meter to support quite a bit of horsepower. It also allowed us to redesign the pipe to the throttle body to clean up the look of the engine bay. I didn’t think it could get much better under the hood, but this new setup really finishes it off nicely.

Here are a few more pictures of the new tubing to the throttle body:

Since we are still working on the engine for this car, we are removing the intercooler and installing it on Joe “Coffeeman” DeCaria’s Procharged 5.0. We intend to sell this intercooler setup as a full conversion for Procharger and Vortech systems. Joe’s car has already gone 9.82@139 with a D1 Procharger. His car will be a great back to back test for the intercooler setup. We will be running his car this Sunday, January 29th at Palm Beach International Raceway.