Production System Development Continues…

While the development car is getting all the upgrades and new engine, I wanted to switch gears for a moment and show off some of what is going into the development of the production kit.   We are not only trying to bring the best kit to market, but we are also trying to do it at the best price possible. The Y pipe that connects the two turbos and also has the BOV mounted to it, works flawlessly. But as you can see in the picture, there is a lot of welding involved. This is the prototype and it probably could be simplified to be a little easier to fabricate. Even then it would be a time consuming piece to make and the bigger chance you have for mistakes, cracks, or pipes that don’t all come out the same. So we decided to take a different route and get this piece cast. It is a sizeable investment up front, but it will keep the cost of the kit down and every pipe will be exactly the same.

For this project we are working with Garen Phillips of DiamondP.  They have been great to work with and are handling everything from the final design, prototyping and final castings.

Garen was able to get the pipe drawn up based off some pictures and measurements we took. We shipped him the pipe for a final check before he printed out the prototype on his 3D printer.

And here are some renderings:

The part was then printed on a 3D printer in 2 sections. This is used to check for fitment and decide on any final changes. After the prototype is approved, we can move on to making the molds. Here are some pictures of the printing process.

The pipe arrived today. The car being reassembled with the new engine and fuel system, so we will be testing fitting it later. But comparing it to the stock pipe, it looks perfect.

I should have another update very soon on the engine install and fuel system modifications we are doing.

If you are interested in the production kit, please go to our Contact Us Page and sign up for our email mailing list. We are also using this as a waiting list when the kit becomes available.