Twin Turbo 5.0 Alpha 1 Mustang Hits the Track and heads Home

Before Sean made the trip down to pick up Alpha 1, we decided to take the car to Palm Beach International Raceway here in South Florida. While dyno numbers are a good indication of what you have, we didn’t build these cars to sit in the corner with a dyno sheet on the hood.  But if that is what you like, you won’t find a better looking engine bay than this one!  Sean was on a tight schedule flying down on a Saturday leaving the night before as the only time we could take it to the track.

We decided to run it on the VP MS109 fuel on 10 psi but take it easy on the transmission. Sean was driving the car home and the last thing we wanted to do was delay his trip. The car ran an amazing 10.92@133 on it’s very first outing. With that trap speed, the car has low 10s in it with the right suspension and track setup. Low 10s on 10 psi is incredible.

Here is a You Tube Video

The next day Sean showed up to pick up the car. Him and a friend hopped in and drove it over 1,100 miles non-stop from South Florida to Maryland during one of the worst heat waves anyone has seen in a long time. Thanks to Sean for being part of the Alpha program and giving the car one of it’s most grueling tests on the way home, it passed with flying colors!