Twin Turbo 5.0 Alpha 2 Boss 302 – Dyno and Videos

For the second test car to be built, we choose  a 2012 Boss 302 owned by Kyle.  Alpha 2 is the 3rd car to be built and the second manual car. This completes the development phase of the project and allows us to move to the production phase. Everything with Alpha 2 went extremely smooth and it made outstanding power tuned very conservatively for 91 octane fuel.

Check out the beautiful fit and finish against the Competition Orange. All Twin Turbo 5.0 kits will come with Ceramic coated downpipes for heat protection. Also included are high quality silicone couplers, t bolt clamps and Tial Turbo hardware. Quality of components and fit and finish were some of our top priories during the design phase.  Below you will find a dyno video and a video of us driving it on the street so you can see how smooth and linear the power delivery is.

Next up is to get the kit into production. Once we are close to being able to ship kits, we will be building 2 Beta cars, another 2012 Boss 302 and a 2013 Mustang GT Auto.  This will allow us to identify any outstanding install issues before shipping out kits out to customers. Beta 2, the 2012 Boss 302 will also be a development car for Road Racing applications. This car will be used heavily on the road course.

Power output on 6 psi was 622 RWHP and 500 RWTQ.  At 8 psi power output was 642 RWHP and 535 RWTQ