Twin Turbo Alpha 1 Car Being Built

While we work to finalize the Twin Turbo System for the 2011+ Mustang 5.0 platform, it’s very important for us to do as much testing as possible. To help with this, we are building a couple of pre-production test cars. Obviously our prototype car has performed flawlessly at both the drag strip and the Texas Mile. But we wanted to put a car in the hands of someone outside the project for more long term testing.

We had many people interested in getting an early system and we were able to work out something with Sean S of MD to be the first TT5.0 Alpha car. All TT5.0 systems will be serialzed so that makes Sean TT5.0 System number 0001A. Sean’s car is a manual with a stock engine and McLeod Clutch. He will be getting the standard kit with the upgraded intercooler tank in the trunk and ID 72 lb injectors.

Here are some pictures of Sean’s car during the build process